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Prostate Cancer: PSA Exam

#1 ranked numbers of incidence for cancer among male in the USA and #2 ranked death rate is prostate cancer. Even in Japan, prostate cancer is increasing sharply since late half of 20th Century. If including cancer in less 2mm diameter, one out of 5 Japanese males have prostate cancer. To detect this kind of prostate cancer, tumor marker PSA, which can detect prostate cancer easily by fecal occult blood test, is effective.

There are several tumor markers, but PSA is the most reliable superior tumor marker which is recommended by The Japan Urological Association. But among prostate cancer, there is quite lot of the one which do not harm human body at all, just sleeping for its entire life. Recently, “PSA Monitoring Waiting Therapy”, which is even when prostate cancer is found, if it is a small prostate cancer, surgery will not be performed immediately instead, observe PSA carefully. And if PSA start increasing its value, conduct the complete checkup immediately, then in case prostate cancer becomes violent, surgery is performed, is getting popular.

On the other hand, even PSA is positive, it is not necessarily to be a prostate cancer. There is quite a lot of cases where PSA value goes up with just an enlarged prostate. To set a PSA Standard value (Nominal range) by age is the recent trend. But traditionally it is said that the PSA standard value should be less than 4. In case when PSA is positive, if the value is between 4 over and less 10, the report says that the 80% of them are not prostate cancer. Knowing these facts, male person over age 50’S is recommended to have PSA Exam.