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There are quite lot of Scientist who might go so far as to say that no Helicobacter Pylori Gastritis in stomach, no stomach cancer develops.

It is reported that “ABC Exam” which combines Pepsinogen Inspection (blood test) which looks the level of gastric mucosal atrophy, and Helicobacter Pylori exam, can discover stomach cancer with no less than barium exam. According to long term large-scale research made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 3rd Generation Anti-Cancer General Strategic Research Operation, it is reported as follows.

      Stomach Cancer development frequency/year
Group A Helicobacter Pylori (-) Pepsinogen (-) 0
Group B Helicobacter Pylori (+) Pepsinogen (-) 1 out of 1,000
Group C Helicobacter Pylori (+) Pepsinogen (+) 1 out of 400
Group D Helicobacter Pylori (-) Pepsinogen (+) 1 out of 80

With knowing you belong to which group in A, B, C, and D, and with taking countermeasures like having gastrofiberscopy every year or every 5 years, it can possibly lead to early detection and early treatment even if stomach cancer is developed.

Stomach Cancer is still very much popular in Japan so that many nationals die with stomach cancer. But, nationals who do not take gastrofiberscopy nor barium exams are the great majority so that it easily becomes too late. ABC exam is not necessary for the people who proactively take gastrofiberscopy or barium exam. For the person who do not wish to have gastrofiberscopy or barium exam, ABC exam which can easily detect from blood exam is recommended.