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Medical Checkup of Brain

Cause of death among Japanese: 4th rank is cerebral vascular disturbance (stroke: brain infarct, brain hemorrhage). Long time by 2010, cerebral vascular disturbance was 3rd ranked in cause of death among Japanese. Since 2011, lung inflammation becomes 3rd rank, but that is because numbers of death by lung inflammation was just increased, death by cerebral vascular disturbance is also increasing so that it is ranked 4th.

Even if the life is secured, there are quite number of the cases where severe after effect, like paralysis, language disorder or deglutition disorder, may remain. Cerebral vascular disturbance does not notice symptoms so much by the time disease is developed. However, in fact, most of the cases has some risks already so that quite number of cases can prevent disease development if having brain checkup periodically during the period of no symptoms appeared.

People over 40 years old must be careful because long lifestyle habit need to be paid back. As getting older, cerebral vascular disturbance becomes easy to be developed. If you are above age 40 and never ever had medical checkup, it is highly recommended to have brain checkup.
Also for 20’s and 30’s people, if person is pointed out the risk factor of arterial sclerosis such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, metabolic or high uric acid blood at health check, or person corresponding to obesity, smoking, high stress or high chloride meals, are strongly recommended. Cerebral vascular disturbance is silently sneaking up to you.

Diseases found by Brain checkup.

Menu at Brain Checkup are basically three mains, MRI, MRA and carotid artery ultrasound examination. Further, some hospital has added several tests like Brain CT or high-sensitive CRP test.


Image; Yamaguchi Red-Cross hospital
MRI is diagnosed the brain substance, so that brain infarct, brain cancer, intradural hematoma can be found. Brain Checkup often find a small but no symptom infarct (lacunar infarct). Lacunar infarct itself is not a problem but they say it is a presage of bigger brain infarct occurrence in the near future. Report says Lacunar infarct, happen to be found by MRI or CT, can be seen by 10% in 50’s and 20% in 60’s. It becomes able to prevent coming brain infarct which is found lacunar infarct at brain checkup.


Image; Yamaguchi Red-Cross hospital

Exams to diagnose brain vessel (arteria) and carotid arteria. Mainly diagnose below ①, ②, ③, ④.

  • Is there any part in brain vessel which is to be narrowed and stuck? In case brain vessel is stuck, brain infarct is developed.
  • Is there any aneurysm? Rupture of a cerebral aneurysm. – this is subarachnoid bleeding. Cerebral aneurysm in more than 7mm diameter has a risk of rupture. In case when cerebral aneurysm in more than 5mm diameter is found at brain checkup, person must take cerebral surgery checkup. To prevent subarachnoid bleeding development, cerebral aneurysm is stuffed up with coil or clipping for not to rupture.
  • Is there any blood vessel malformation or vessel abnormality like moya-moya disease?
  • Is there any part in carotid artery which is to be narrowed and stuck? : When carotid artery is stuck, brain infarct is developed.
Carotid Atery Ultrasonic Exam.

So far as to say, exam is to check whether plaque is on the wall of carotid artery, when exist, what kind of plaque is that. When checking plaque on carotid artery wall, following two points are important.