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Pancreas cancer is used to be feared as “impossible for early stage discovery”, “going to die of cancer”.
Death rate by pancreas cancer for Japanese are increasing these days. Especially for Japanese female, pancreas cancer is used to be ranked at 6th in death rate, but ranked at #5 in a short period, and in the up-to-date cancer statistics (by National Cancer Center), pancreas cancer is increased to rank #4.

Among Japanese male, pancreas cancer is ranked at #5 in death rate.
For other cancers in death rate #1 through #5, national screening for cancer, like screening for gastric cancer and screening for lung cancer, is performed. But only one, pancreas cancer is not subject to national cancer screening program. Also, not only health check but also complete medical checkup is useless for pancreas cancer with having standard checkup items.

Amylase in blood exam is unable to detect pancreas cancer. Even by Abdominal Ultrasonography, pancreas is hidden by fat beneath the skin or gas in stomach and intestines so that it is unable to diagnose completely. Pancreas cancer is a cancer which should be detected whilst no symptom stage otherwise it turns to be fatal. To find it while in early stage, medical checkup for pancreas is useful and effective, but there are not so many hospitals which are able to perform pancreas checkup in Japan. Recently, pancreas cancer becomes gradually as “able to save life”. The only way for the survival from pancreas cancer is ---- early detection. We sincerely hope many people could have a pancreas medical checkup and saves a lot of lives alone.
Image: The Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hepatobiliary and Pancreas General Surgery

A hospital that can accept pancreas medical checkup

The name of the hospital Haibara General Hospital
Street address 2887-1 Hosoe, Makinohara-shi, Shizuoka Pref.
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Contact TEL:(0548)22-1131 FAX:(0548)22-6363