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320 Row CT Cardiac Medical Checkup

1st cause of death among Japanese is cancer, and 2nd is cardiac disease. Leading cause which takes Japanese life away is cardiac infarct, and prehistory/reserve of cardiac infarct is angina pectoris. Furthermore, formidable fact that there is quite lot of angina pectoris which does not notice any symptom at all.

In most of the case, angina pectoris is hard to identify at normal checkup. Doctors called as “Authority of Cardiac” may be like pulling teeth in diagnosing angina pectoris. Cardiac Catheter is the most appropriate examination method up till now. This is an extensive exam to insert thin plastic tube called as catheter to cardiac, so that hospitalization is necessary.
But upon the arrival of 320 row CT, first in history, highly accurate angina pectoris diagnosis becomes possible at easy out-patient clinic CT exam which is almost equivalent to cardiac catheter exam.

By traditional CT prior to 320 row CT, it can not pursue never stopping cardiac activity, so that it can take only patchworked cardiac picture. But 320 row CT can take, in 0.35 sec as quick as blink, one picture for entire cardiac first in history. This has accomplished high-accuracy angina pectoris diagnosis equivalent to Cardiac catheter.
320 row CT has less radiation than traditional CT, and contrast agent used is also lessor.

Normal Acrdiac

Cardiac in angina pectoris

Image: Haibara General Hospital

Especially, when person is corresponded to either one of below listed ① or ②, medical checkup for lung is recommended.

Formidable lung disease is not only lung cancer. #4 ranked cause of death for human is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) --- alternately called as “Cigarette Disease” “Lung Lifestyle Habit Disease” --- They say roughly 5 million potential patients exist in Japan.
It is recommended to have complete medical checkup for lung covering not only lung cancer but also COPD.