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Increasing Breast Cancer

One Japanese woman out of 16 are affected by breast cancer, and 30% of them died. Somewhere in this country, person is affected by breast cancer in every 14 minutes, and die in every 50 minutes.

95% can be saved if it is in early stage

However, discovery rate for breast cancer is low by clinical breast examination, and especially difficult to discover early stage breast cancer. When Mammography and Mammary Ultrasonography exams are to be added to clinical breast examination, discovery rate for breast cancer is jumped to 3 to 4 times compared with clinical breast exam only. In addition, 3/4 of them are early stage breast cancer.

Nowadays, breast cancer increases by westernized lifestyle, especially by westernized dietary habit, and able to observe a tendency of growing young. There is a case which breast cancer is developed at the age of 21.
Among the advanced countries, breast cancer is increasing, but death rate by breast cancer is in decreasing tendency. Amongst advanced countries, only Japan breast cancer death rate is increasing. --- The cause of this is breast Cancer medical checkup consultation rate is low.

It is highly recommended to receive breast cancer checkup from age over 30’s.
Of course, having mammography and Mammary Ultrasonography every year is an ideal.
But, most of the case one may have either one of mammography and Mammary Ultrasonography. In that case, selection criteria, either mammography or mammary ultrasonography, is explained as below.

Mammography shows a high performance in detecting breast cancer, but the weak point of mammography is to find breast cancer behind the thick mammary gland. Therefore, depend upon the individuality, in general speaking mammary ultrasonography is suitable for the age of under 40 who has, in general, thick mammary gland, and mammography for over 50’s.

For the age of 40’s who is in breast cancer peak age of onset, it is recommended to have mammography and mammary ultrasonography alternately in every second year. Besides, breast cancer for the age of over 70’s is increased, so that not only spread over younger generation but also high aged development is recognized recently.

Breast cancer becomes easy to be developed by longer to be exposed in high density of female hormone. It is a eternal women’s wish of being in young, beautiful and feminine, but in a nice little twist, for woman who is in young, beautiful and feminine will be exposed in high density female hormone for longer time. So that breast cancer becomes easy to be developed.

Especially, point (1) through (7) listed below are the risk factor of breast cancer so that person who is corresponding to them is recommended to have medical checkup for breast cancer.