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Privacy Policy


Tokushukai Medical Group hereby declare, stipulated as below, our policy in regard to our handling practice of the privacy information of patients, user of this site and staff member of the group, in order for patients and user to participate and receive medical and care service in comfort.

1. About Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, stipulated as below, defines and explaining in detail the handling principles of privacy information, in specific, how and when your privacy information (hereinafter referred to as Individual Information or Privacy Information), which can identify your individuality, is collected and for what purpose the Privacy Information is used, managed and protected when utilizing this web site. Users utilizing this site must read careful of this policy.

2. Purpose of Privacy Information Protection Policy

The purpose of setting privacy policy out is to make privacy protection more assured and secured one, by means of;
1) person in charge of this website operation expressly provide regarding the handling of the privacy information that the privacy information is collected and utilized in preassigned range and method, and is properly controlled in severe management, and 2) in disclosing the principle of handling of privacy information to users, we are to organize the circumstances for user in making animus decision appropriately whether user itself is willing to provide the privacy information. In case when disclosed privacy policy is unacceptable, user can stop utilizing this website at any time. In case of any queries, user can require it to below mentioned site at any time. In this website, your privacy information may be solicited when utilizing the below mentioned service of the site

In this website, your privacy information may be solicited when utilizing the below mentioned service of the site
/ email transmission form, electronics bulletin (electronic conference room)

/ information to be collected are:
Name, Age, Gender, Address, Telephone number/FAX number, e-mail address, Medical consultation contents, Contact contents, Opinion, application for recruiting.
Besides, all these privacy information is set preassigned storage period so that these data will automatically deleted after the set period for assuring security reason.

Collected privacy information is used for below listed purpose;
Answer or individual advice to inquired consultation contents, , individual correspondence, improvement of customer service.

3. Extending the obtained privacy information to third party

We shall not share or disclose the obtained individual information through this web site to any outside third party excluding the case with user’s written consent or stipulated by law.

4. About information update

This web site is configured that, upon user’s request, the obtained individual information will be disclosed and updated to the latest one immediately. The request for disclosure and update will be sent to us by the following means.
e-mail, Telephone, FAX, postal mail, request/inquiry form.

5. About IP address

When user access to this web site, IP address (numeric) and its related domain name are automatically recorded as log data. These data will be obtained and/or registered for managing the web-site server. In general, it is difficult to identify individual information through IP address. For server management purpose only, web site server will record IP address and domain name as log data, but this information will not be disclosed or provided to any outside third party.

6. About Cookies

Cookie are small packet information that a web site’s computer stores on your computer, for the purpose of sending data to user’s computer through browser by web site’s computer when user access to this web site on internet, and when user accessed to this web site again, web site’s computer return this data back to identify user, or relieve customized information. We use cookies for below mentioned purpose.
Simplifying users write on BBS

7. About the Link

This web site puts a link to outside web site. However, we shall not share responsibility with these outside web site regarding privacy protection. In case each outside web site will handle the individual information, privacy policy at each web-site may differ from each other, and data handling process may also differ. When privacy policy is expressly provided, read the contents carefully and then utilize it.

8. About Security

Individual information obtained through this web-site operation shall be securely protected and safely managed. Security of web site is requested to put maximum attention on it. Computer equipment, which stores individual information regarding the operation of this web-site, is severely managed and controlled not to be looked, be defacing or prejudiced.
This web-site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts data for receive/send between user’s browser and server.

9. About the update and renewal of privacy policy

Privacy policy may change its achievement standard depends on technology improvement and level of security risk. Also, privacy information contents or coverage may change depends on the change of service contents. Privacy Policy is not a fixed one, but continually requesting the evaluation and re-examination in accordance with the surrounding situation. When privacy policy has revised, the change will be immediately notified to the users for easy understanding by means of posting to the web site or individual notice.

10. Contact with Individual information management representative

Contact: General Incorporated Association Tokushukai
Postal code: 102-0074
Address:1-3-1 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo-do Chiyoda Building 14F
TEL: +81-(0)3-3262-3133

11. History

Date 1st written: August 24, 2007
Date revised: April 8, 2014