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Cancer of Cervix: Cytological Diagnosis / HPV Exam

There are quite lot of Scientist who might go so far as to say that no human papillomavirus in uterus, no cancer of cervix develops. With combining Cytological diagnosis and HPV exam, detection rate for the disease becomes close to 100% and furthermore, can diagnose whether the risk of being cancer of cervix in future exists or not.

According to “Checkup Guideline for Cancer of Cervix” by American Society of Women's Science, it calls for “All women over age of 30’s must have both cytological diagnosis and HPV exam. When results of both exam are negative, next exam will be three years later.”
There are several kinds of HPV, but the one among them which causes for cancer of cervix is just few kinds. Also, even if infected by these few risky HPV, most of person do not develop cancer of cervix.

Just a few persons among them develops dysplastic which is pre-cancer stage. In the dysplastic, there are mild, moderate and high level, so that if it is found at this stage, it will not go for cancer of cervix and it will be cured easily.

Pre-cancer stage (dysplastic)
Mild dysplastic Follow-up
Moderate dysplastic Case by case
High dysplastic Conization

For a person whose dysplastic cannot be found till high stage, cancer of cervix is developed.
Nowadays, cancer of cervix development age is getting younger so that the cases are increasing where cancer is developed at age of 10’s or 20’s. If the most of Japanese women are going to have cytological diagnosis and HPV exam from younger age, the day will come that the death by cancer of cervix is eliminated from this country.