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Now, the cause of death among Japanese: #1 ranked is a cancer, #2 ranked is cardiac disease, #3 ranked is cerebral vascular disturbance (stroke: brain infarct, brain hemorrhage) for long time, but since 2011, lung inflammation becomes #3 rank. But that is because numbers of death by lung inflammation was just increased, death by cerebral vascular disturbance is also increasing so that it is ranked 4th.

This is therefore, two mainstream of disease threatening Japanese lives are;

Both cancer and arteriosclerotic disorder increase along with getting aged. Recently, due to westernized lifestyle, especially to westernized dietary habit, cancer and arteriosclerotic disorder has advanced to grow younger. So that there is a case where disease is developed at the age of 30’s or 20’s.

People over 40 years old must be careful because long lifestyle habit need to be paid back.
As getting older, arterial sclerosis is getting easier to be developed. Person over age of 40’s is better to have checkup. And even in 20’s or 30’s, in case if you are pointed out some risk factors for arterial sclerosis, like high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid blood, for the person having obesity, smoking, high stress or high chloride meals, it is highly recommended.