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Left Ventricular Wall Rupture

Complicating disease of Cardiac Infarct

In case Cardiac Infarct has produced, or suffer from Angina Pectoris for longer time, several complicating diseases may be produced. There are several cases, like complicating disease has produced by acute cardiac infarction so that it may risk of one’s life, or chronically progress slowly.

Listed above are the main complicating diseases, but there is merely produced one that takes time from diagnose to medical treatment. Treatment for complicating disease as well as the treatment (Catheter Treatment, Coronary-artery Bypass Surgery) for the cause of cardiac infarct are conducted.

High Fatality Rated Left Ventricular Wall Rupture

Disease name itself sounds horrible and seems hard to survive, but there are several cases, like the one in sudden death where doctor can’t do anything, or the one where surgery can work out. 10% of the causes of sudden death by cardiac infarction which is produced as complicating disease of acute cardiac infarction. The report says that the case is in increasing tendency these days because medicine to make blood smooth is used a lot.

It is said that the most of Ventricular Wall Rupture occur within a day from the pathogeny of cardiac infarct. This disease occur firstly the ventricle wall becomes necrotic by cardiac infarct, then bleeding from the break by decaying the part of ventricular wall. Depend on the break condition, there is a type which is bleeding slowly or type with large hemorrhage. In case of hemorrhage, probability of rescue is very low. Even for the slow bleeding case, it compresses the heart and go into shock, then emergency surgery is necessary.

Symptoms are sudden blood pressure drop and breathing difficulty

If sudden blood pressure drops or breathing difficulty occur after the cardiac infarct, left ventricular wall rapture is suspected. Some kinds of revive action is required. In case the amount of bleeding is less.

Only treatment is surgery

There is no other way than surgery, but there is a certain time to spare if the amount of bleeding is a little. But it is inevitable to urgently transfer to cardiac surgery hospital. In case if the condition is the worse which is unable to perform surgery, there is a case to vacuum blood out by catheter, but in the case the bleeding is too bad, it is requested to perform surgery afterwards.

Surgery is performed as follows; Open chest and vacuum out bleeding. Stop bleeding at bleed position. Depend upon the condition of bleeding, or degree of left ventricular rupture, surgery may go into difficulty. Stop bleeding method at slow bleeding condition without stopping heart beating is the usage of hemostatic agent. In case where too much bleeding, cease the heart beating using artificial heart lung apparatus then suture the bleeding position. There is a case where stop bleeding may have a difficulty if the blood vessel becomes brittle by cardiac infarct.

There is a case having a difficulty in postoperative healing

Once surgery is succeeded, patient is gradually recovered back from preoperative shock status. Even when bleeding is stopped by surgery, there is a case having difficulty in preoperative healing.