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Incompetence of Mitral Valve

There is acute or chronic type in Incompetence of Mitral Valve. The former is called as Acute Rupture of the Papillary Muscle, the latter is called as Papillary Muscle Dysfunction.

Acute Rupture of the Papillary Muscle: Disease which blood suddenly flow backward

This is an awful complicating disease where mitral valve is suddenly flow backward due to the left mitral valve supporting papillary muscle is ruptured by cardiac infarct. Depending on the level of reverse flow of the valve, there is a case from the case which is unable to rescue due to shocked condition, to the case which is able to rescue with performing emergency surgery.

Symptom, Diagnosis
Patient get into shocked condition due to sudden breathing difficulty. Cardiac Murmur is the key factor, the reverse flow is recognized by Cardiac Ultrasonography.
Treatment Method
In case when Shock condition is not improved, emergency surgery, such as valve restoration or replacement to artificial valve is necessary.
Progression afterwards
Recovery level may change depend on the condition before surgery, but risk rate may increase in case of emergency surgery.

What is Chronic Incompetence of the Mitral Muscle (Papillary Muscle Dysfunction)?

Papillary muscle, supporting the mitral valve of left ventricular, function is compounded by cardiac infarction, a disease where mitral valve flows backward. There is the case where papillary muscle is extended or the case where papillary muscle attached left ventricular wall is extended. There might be a case where Cardiac function is compounded.

Symptom. Diagnosis
Symptoms are breathing shortness, breathing difficulty and chest pain. Disease is easy to judge using Cardiac Ultrasonography.
Cure Method
Regarding Mitral Muscle, similar curing method as chronic incompetence of the mitral muscle is taken place (Refer to the Cardiac Valvular Disease section), but in the meantime curing the cause of pathological abnormality of the coronary artery is necessary. In case the cure for angina pectoris is requested, coronary artery bypass surgery and restoration surgery for mitral valve at the same time. Surgery is to restore mitral valve, or in case it is too bad for restoration, valve replacement surgery is taken place. There is a case just to monitor without performing surgery in case when the degree of incompetence is minor. There is a case just performing the cure for coronary artery (catheter cure, coronary artery bypass grafting.
Progression afterwards
It is necessary to periodically check the degree of reverse flow of the valve and heart function by cardiac ultrasonography.