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Ischemic Myocardiopathy

Heart performance is compounded by left ventricular hypertrophy

Having the causes of comorbid angina pectoris and coronary infarct, heart has poor circulation of blood, left ventricular hypertrophy is compounded by the decline on contractile force of entire heart, then heart function changes for the worse. Many people in Europe and America are affected as the cause of dilatation of the myocarditis/ In Japan, it is increasing tendency.

Symptoms are breathing difficulty and abnormal cardiac rhythm

Symptom of cardiac arrest are hard to breathe, or breathing difficulty. Also, awful abnormal cardiac rhythm like arrhythmia ventricular. It is possible to diagnose with using cardiac ultrasonography or CT heart scan.

Respond to both coronary lesion and cardiac myopathy

When there is any pathological abnormality on coronary artery, causal treatment, like catheter treatment or coronary artery bypass surgery, is performed. For cardiac myopathy, medically non-stressed treatment to heart is a main treatment. However, if the symptom is beyond the limit of non-stressed treatment, cardiac transplant, or left ventricular orthopedic treatment (Batista Surgery) is performed. But the transplant is practically impossible, and there is a certain limit on the effect of left ventricular orthopedic treatment. It is likely associated with mitral insufficiency, and symptom may get worse due to the stress on heart. In this case, with performing the surgery to mitral valve, like prosthetic valve replacement or valvuloplasty, to take, even a little bit, the stress out of the weakened heart. It does not improve the heart itself, but certainly the improvement of the symptom can be expected.

Also when arrhythmia ventricular is severe, if the aggravation of heart function comes from the failure of the incitement to the cardiac chamber, there may be the case where implantable defibrillator transplantation, both ventricular pacemaker transplantation, further implantable auxiliary artificial Heart, or cardiac transplantation is performed.

Risk for sudden death

In case of severely diseased, there is a risk for sudden death due to cardiac arrest or abnormal cardiac rhythm. In case degree is light, there is a case where no incomplete symptom appeared and time passed.