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Left ventricular aneurysm

Cardiac muscle become thin and get distended.

The disease where cardiac muscle becomes thin by cardiac infarct, then get distended like bump. Left ventricular is an oval shape and contracting muscle cluster, but when becoming a bump, it becomes hard to pump out blood to entire body even contracted, and decrease function of the heart.

Lead to cardiac arrest symptom and stomach pain

Symptoms are Breathing Difficulty, Breath Shortness, and palpitation cordis, which are the symptoms of heart failure and angina pectoris (chest pain). It is posiible to diagnose using cardiac ultrasonography, CT Heart Scan, and left ventricular contrast study.

Heart function is improved with ablation of bump

When a symptom is mild one, cardiac arrest treatment can be performed medically. For the case where pump out blood is in disorder due to the bump so that breath shortness and/or breath difficulty continued, surgery to cut off left ventricular can be performed. Open up bumped portion, apply patch from the root of bump and cover. Heart function is getting better by cut off.

Postoperative course is relatively good

As for postoperative course, left ventricular function is getting better. Although the heart will not come back exactly the same as former heart, symptoms of cardiac arrest, like breathing difficulty or breath shortness, improves and quality of life (QOL) will advance.