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Cardiac Valve Surgery (TAVI) which do not open chest – Current treatment for Cardiac Valve Disease

Transcatheter aortic valve treatment

About TAVI

Approach method of TAVI

There are several approach methods in TAVI. More than 80% of them are “Femoral approach” which insert catheter from the base of thigh. Other than that, “Apex approach” which opens a bit between costal bone then approach from the top (cardiac apex) of heart, “Left subclavian artery approach” which opens a bit at nearby left shoulder part, or “Abdominal aortic approach or iliac artery approach” which opens partially at abdominal part.
Corresponding to the patients vessel condition, the most appropriate approach is selected.

*Either approach can perform less physical burden treatment compared with open-heart operation.

Merit of TAVI

The biggest merit in TAVI is minimum physical stress. Most of the patients can walk from next day of the surgery. And furthermore, drip infusion or other can be taken away from body next day or day after next. If in good condition, patient can take supper on the same day. Because of these,

it connects to;

Process of TAVI

When TAVI is performed, cardiovascular internal medicine doctor, cardiovascular surgeon, anesthesia doctor, echocardiogram doctor, and co-medical like nurse, physical therapist, radiation technologist and biomedical equipment technician form a team and perform treatment in collaboration. They back-up entire process with cross over the barrier of diagnosis and treatment department, and based on their knowledge and experience as specialist, for the sake of selecting best appropriate treatment and postsurgical follow-up for the patient.

About fit/non-fit of TAVI treatment

Patients for fit
Patients for non-fit

About the judgement whether TAVI is best applicable treatment is made by medical team, consists with each diagnosis and treatment department doctors and nurses of the treatment conducting hospital.

Tokushukai Medical Group Hospital performing TAVI

Area Hospital Name Address Contact
Hokkaido Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital Sapporo, Hokkaido pref 011-722-1110(switchboard)
Contact e-mail
Kanto Shonan Kamakura General Hospital Kamakura, Kanagawa pref 0467-46-1717(switchboard)
Contact e-mail
Chiba Nishi General Hospital Matsudo-shi, Chiba pref 047-384-8111(switchboard)
Contact e-mail
Chubu Nagoya Tokushukai General Hospital Kasugai-shi, Aichi pref 0568-51-8711(switchboard)
Contact e-mail
Kansai Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital Kishiwada-shi, Osaka pref 072-445-9915(switchboard)
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FAQ about TAVI

May I receive TAVI if I wish?
TAVI is basically targeted for the patients who is physically weakened by high in age, or having other disease. It targets the person who is older than 80’s. Also, it is important to fulfill anatomical condition (judged by CT) whether patients do fit to TAVI, so that whether TAVI fit or surgical operation does fit, hospital Heart Team may judge.
How about TAVI cost of treatment?
It may differ by the area, but with apply handicap registration, economical burden may become substantially light one. At least, it is under Health Insurance coverage and is the latest treatment, so that it will not be charged much. (Please inquire to each hospital)