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Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment

Transition out of Multidisciplinary Treatment to Comprehensive Treatment

In addition to the Multidisciplinary Treatment as conventional three Cancer Treatment, such as surgical operation, chemical cure and radiation treatment, treatment method transition to, what is called, comprehensive treatment like palliative care, end-of-life care and mental care including patient family.

Palliative Care is tending to be considered for terminal patients, but palliative care becomes natural recently from early treatment stage, which resulted the scientific bases begins to call for that the patient QOL (Quality Of Life) may improve and the lifetime can be prolonged.

Comprehensive Treatment
  • Surgery

  • Radiation Treatment

  • Anticancer Drug Treatment

  • Palliative Care

  • End-of-Life Care

  • Mental Care

Conducting the Cancer Board

One of the practice of comprehensive treatment, many hospitals in Tokushukai Medical Group put “Cancer Board” in practice.

Cancer Board; consists of variety of professionals, from internal medicine, surgery, pharmaceutical to nursing department, in defying the boundaries of treatment method such as radiation treatment or chemical cure, and with diversified standpoint to evaluate better therapeutic principle. Cancer Board can come up with the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

At hospital in isolated island or secluded area or small-scale hospital, conducting the cancer board may be difficult, furthermore, there is a case where an unprofessional doctor must decide the therapeutic principle by him/herself. “Uniformed Standard Regimen” is therefore works as the alternatives solution for the case.

It becomes as guideline when struggling with therapeutic principle. We have heard the doctor’s voice, saying “Appropriate treatment has done safely to patient”. This means it connects for the patient to receive cure in safe and comfortable. These are the reason why Oncology Project first to take shakedown process and why we maintain this projects as important from now on.

While we proceed the policy of providing consistent and high quality cancer treatment at any hospitals in the group, we put an effort in the direction to find out resistant mechanism of gene variation or molecularly-targeted drug.

Startup of various Research Society

It is imperative to attain to the knowledge of cutting-edge, fast-evolving cancer treatment to improve Cancer Treatment capability. We therefore consider it as the important role in the project to provide the opportunity of education and diligent study.

We support the establishment of Lung Cancer Research Society, Breast Cancer Research Society, Digestive Organ Cancer Research Society, and we have gotten the cutting-edge cancer treatment information, inviting key opinion leader doctors specialized in various kind of cancer.

  • Lung Cancer Research Society

  • Breast Cancer Research Society

  • Digestive Organ Cancer Research Society

Conduct a Clinical Conference

We held periodical Clinical Conference where more than 20 hospitals in Tokushukai Medical Group attend. We can, gain clinical case knowledge greater than the sum of multiple University Hospital with bringing out the economies of scale, compliment the knowledge which is difficult to correspond by only one hospital, and to strengthen the professional area understandings which is deep and covering various field.

In addition, Tokushukai Medical Group has several research facilities with doctors specialized in basic medicine. To collaborate with these facilities, we can develop new cure or new drug. And to strengthen further the collaboration with hospital, university and/or research institute outside of the group, we work for future to provide medical treatment as better as possible.