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Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment

Oncology Project

Framework establishment: Patients receives the best adequate cancer treatment at any hospital of Tokushukai Medical Group

Background and Purpose of Oncology Project establishment

We have established “Tokushukai Oncology Project” in 2004 for the patients to equally get safety ensured standard care based on the scientific basis at any dispensary room of Tokushukai Hospital all over Japan.

Approach for Oncology Project

  • Shakedown of nosocomially cancer registration/Accuracy Management and strategist for cancer registration
  • Shakedown of uniformed Tokushukai Standard Regimen
  • Clinical examination of anticancer drug or cancer immunotherapy, Implementation of Clinical Research/Examination
  • Shakedown of Cancer Board
  • Designation of prefectural and city governments certified cancer lodgment hospital

Consists of above five core points.

We have put our effort into Oncology Project since 2004. We have started with enhancement of cancer registration, implementation of uniformed Tokushukai Standard Regimen (Treatment Plan stipulated the category, dosage, duration and procedures of anticancer drug, so on).

For the shakedown of standard treatment, Standard Regimen Development Committee, consists with Specialized Cancer Pharmacist and Specialized Cancer Drug Treatment Doctor, develops the draft of Regimen, then Standard Regimen Assessment Committee, which is set at each Respiratory Disease, Urology, Gynecology, Blood, Lactating Gland and Digestive Organ area, and consists with doctors, assesses the adoption as uniformed Tokushukai Standard Regimen. Once approved, Standard Regimen is delivered into the Common Electronic Clinical Record implemented at every Tokushukai Hospital all over Japan.

One of the unique aspects of uniformed Tokushukai standard regimen is that a regimen is shaped up with cautions and remarks at the time of regimen development and assessment to protect the patient’s safety in consideration, of course the result of domestic and overseas clinical trial and description on clinic record should be based on scientific basis, and prepare full assumption for the area or facility where no doctors available.

We have delivered more than 300 standard regimens to the Group Hospitals. Especially nowadays, we have put our effort on providing cutting-edge standard treatment on time inquest since the advancement of drugs, such as molecular targeted treatment drug, is remarkable in these days.

As a merit of the usage of anticancer drug ordering system appeared on common electronic clinical record, it enables to figure out which regimen is prescribed at which hospital, and to monitor if the treatment which follows standard treatment is implemented. It turns into the preventive function from applying the assertive treatment. In addition, uniformed regimen prescription using the system becomes available to the patients in isolated island or secluded area.

In the field of anticancer drug, we feel glad that it becomes possible to provide our motto “Patients get standard treatment at any doctor office in the group”. From now on, it is crucial to establish the high-level framework to aspire the fulfilment of Clinical Trial and/or Clinical Research for Anticancer drug, as the receptor of cancer refugee.

Based on these accomplishment, Oncology Project performing the core function in cancer treatment must be developed to the next stage for future generation.