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Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment

Cancer Treatment at Tokushukai Medical Group

What is a reason why Tokushukai Medical Group put an effort to “Cancer Care”,
who has originally started from Emergency Medical Treatment.

Under the “All livin beings are created equal” Philosophy of Tokushukai Medical Group, we have continuously put an effort to, not only “Critical Emergency Medical Care” but also “Isolated Island/Secluded Area Medical Care”, in order to realize “Anybody in the society is to receive the best cutting-edge medical care in anywhere, at whenever necessary”.

Whilst we are practicing from Protective Medical Care, Chronic Medical Care, furthermore to Advanced Medical Care in corresponding to local people’s needs and requests, we consider, as one of the Tokushukai Medical Group’s mission responsibility, to provide standard care for Cancer.

You know that nowadays, one out of two Japanese have a cancer, and one out of three die of cancer. Many patients have transferred to us every day in emergency, an origin of our group, and quite lot of these patients are with cancer.

While we proceed to organize the framework for accepting suffering cancer patients at hand in 24 hours, 365 days, and for providing the Comprehensive Medical Care, the prompt and appropriate medical care, under Tokushukai Medical Group, we have started “Tokushukai Oncology Project” in 2004, the approach as the core of “Anti-Cancer Strategy”. We have deployed the activity to make every patient equally receive the well-established standard care in safe and based on the scientific basis.

Establish a framework for nowhere to go cancer patients to get medical care.

We Tokushukai Medical Group hospital proactively put an effort to establish a framework for the comprehensive medical care, to become the receptor for, so called, “Cancer refugee” who is told by the hospital specialized in advanced cancer facility that there is no cure is available, or there is no comprehensive medical organization, although they desire for the cure in local area.

On top of this, as we consider it must be the one of the guideline in selecting hospitals or the help for starting early or restart of medical treatment, there are hospitals in the group which has certified by prefectural and city governments as “Cancer Care Linkage Station Hospital” or “Cancer Care Cooperative Hospital”.

Framework establishment, where Patients with Complication receive the care.

Implementation of Clinical Research/Clinical Trial

Clinical Research for Cancer

At present, we conduct the research of lung cancer subject to elderly people, and 8 hospitals come on board. Traditionally, whilst fixing relatively aggressive care up to elderly persons, doctors have felt the contradictive issue, to provide the side effect considered care to the patients instead of aggressive care with certain side effect. This thought perceived by doctors comes up from field clinical work to resolve clinical issue on hand. The area characteristic of the group facilities shows there are handful opportunity to care elderly patients, so that in case when research result shows positive sign, we can pay substantial return back to the patients as the benefit. This is the purpose of this research activity.

Clinical Trial for Anticancer

We may possibly provide the opportunity for the patients to come along as an research participant for newer caring method. It must pass several standards to be certified as the hospital where clinical trial is provided to the patient.

Besides, relationship between patients and doctors are “Researcher” and “Examinee”, instead of “Person to receive the care” and “Person to provide the care”, in the clinical research/clinical trial.

Several ethical considerations should be taken to the examinee (patients) in the research activity more than normal clinical work. Humbleness is required to doctors. Compliance to the severely set protocol (Implementation documents of the Research Plan) is also requested.

Installation of the cutting-edge medical equipment

We attempt to aggressively install Surgical Aid Robotics, Cutting Edge Medical Equipment, or more. The most up-to-date information regarding global medical development are gathered here not only from Japan domestic, but also from overseas, based on the reputation we have cultivated through the activity in International Medical Aid and Disaster Support. We fully examine these information, and implement better medical care as quick as possible, regardless they come domestically or from overseas. We devote ourselves to provide best medical care to the patients.