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Digestive System Surgery: Pyloric Stenosis

Disease where exit of stomach is getting narrower.

Exit of the stomach is called as pyloric end. Pyloric stenosis is the disease where pyloric end becomes stenosis by some reason so that contents (foods or gastric fluid) in stomach does not flow out to duodenum.

As the cause;

Symptoms are; belch, vomiting, swollen belly.
Because not flowing is the cause of this disease so that vomiting is making symptom better.

Surgical Treatment when compressed by surrounding organs.

Performing checkup for gastric cancer or duodenal ulcer scar by gastric camera or upper gastrointestinal series, and surrounding organs disease by CT exam.

Treatment may differ depend on the causes, but when stomach activity has problem, most of the cause are stress or insomnia. These will improve by settling automatic nerve. Oral medicine treatment is attempted.

In case if the cause is the pressure from stomach cancer, duodenal ulcer scar, surrounding organs, surgical treatment is necessary. Surgical method may vary depend on disease, but they are gastric ablation, gastrojejunostomy which bypass the arctation part.