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Digestive System Surgery: Post Gastrectomy Syndrome

Various symptom after the loss of stomach.

To cut off stomach means to lose stomach function. After effect by the loss of stomach is called as Post Gastrectomy Syndrome.

Dumping Syndrome
Grouped in Early Dumping Syndrome and Late Dumping Syndrome.
  1. Early Dumping Syndrome Entire body symptom like cold sweats, palpitation, dizziness, numbness and fatigue, or abdominal symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal bloating are come up.
  2. Late Dumping SyndromeHeadache, Fatigue feeling, perspiration, dizziness, or breath or heart beat is getting faster, after 2 to 3 hours later of meals.
This syndrome is developed when food flows straight out to small intestine in a short time without being kept in stomach. As for countermeasure, do not take meals too much at once, increase the number of bite, and suck a candy when felt a symptom comes up.
The symptom is developed when much food flow into small intestine at once, neural reflex occurs, or peristaltic action of intestine become excessive. Try to take high nutrition meals at bit more numbers of times.
Symptoms are: palpitation, breath shortness, dizziness, getting exhausted easily. This is developed by the weakened absorption power of ferrous and/or vitamin B12. Countermeasures are the dosage of ferrous agent and/or Vitamin B12.
Nutritional Disorder
Due to the Dumping Syndrome, diarrhea, weakened absorption power of protein material, fat, ferrous or vitamin B12, does not recover physical strength, having diarrhea, whiter slops (fatty slops) is excreted, having edema (low protein) or lose weight symptoms are comes up. It is better to take nutritional supplement well.
Reflux Esophagitis
Symptoms are; heart burn after meal, queasiness and solar plexus pain. Foods tend to adversely flow because cardiac part has lost due to fundectomy. It is better to have habit of not lay down immediately after the meal, and supper is to be finished at least 3 hours before going to bed.
Post Gastrectomy Gallstone
When nerve of gallbladder is cut by surgical operation, movement of gallbladder is getting worse so that it becomes easy to develop gallstone and abdominal pain occurs. Treatment is to extirpate gallbladder but as abortive solution, there is a case where gallbladder is taking out at gastric resection.
Because of calcium absorption power is getting worse by gastrectomy, bone density is lowered and bone itself is weakened resulting bone fracture. Scheduled bone density measurement is necessary for early discovery. Treatment methods are alimentary therapy, ergo therapy and drug therapy.