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Digestive System Surgery: Anal Fistula

Exit other than anus is developed.

Anal fistula is a hemorrhoid where rectum and tissue of perianal region is connected like tunnel. In case perianal abscess, which pus is stood on perianal region, advances to chronic stage, it becomes as hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is a stage where large intestine and skin has made up an exit other than anus. As it is connected with large intestine all the times, it cannot be expected to be cured naturally. Further, unlike normal hemorrhoid, in case if anal fistula is left untreated, it may become malignant (anal fistula cancer) stage. It is the worst prognosis among several bowel cancers, so that do not hesitate as ass disease, visit doctor at early as possible when hemorrhoid is suspected.

Bacteria came into anal grand is the cause of Anal Fistula.

Primary cause of hemorrhoid is regarded as Bacteria invades into anus tissues from diarrhea. There is an upward dimple, so called as anal crypt, on dentate line, and there is a tissue, which secrete mucus and called as anus line. As it is a small dimple, slops cannot invade into it normally, but when in diarrhea, it becomes easy to invade, resulted bacteria like bacillus coli may possibly invade into the anus line.

When bacillus coil invades into anus line, tissue is infected and become suppurative if there is any wound around it, or immune strength of the body is weakened by stresses, then it turns to perianal abscess. It is a similar image like germs enters between the teeth and develops cavities. In case if perianal abscess advances further and develops tunnel between inside and outside of anus, it turns into hemorrhoid. In case status of hemorrhoid remain unchanged for longer time, several tunnels are developed, it is called as complex hemorrhoid. In this case, treatment is difficult.

Fever may occur due to the suppuration of anus surrounding.

Firstly, perianal region become suppurative and have a throbbing pain so that become unable to sit on chair. Occasionally, it accompanies over 38-degree Celsius fever. This is the perianal abscess. At this stage, when having a natural discharge of pus, or cutting off at medical facility, symptoms are calm down once, but, as this abscess is connected to anal grand, pus is discharging continuously with less pain so that it may soil of underwear. Hemorrhoid is the chronic stage of this situation.

What is an exam and diagnosis method.

In most of the case, interviewing up-to-date progress and physically conduct the anal exam make diagnose possible. Pus or fluid is discharging from perianal region with less pain so that it soils of underwear, diagnose can be made. Position of the tunnel need to be checked in prior to actual treatment, anal echo exam or MRI exam may be performed.

And, for the hemorrhoid patient who have inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoid as one of entire body disorder, ulcerative colitis or clone disease, colonoscopy exam may conduct for suspicious case.

Important issue on surgery is to conserve anus function.

Hemorrhoid can be cured only by surgery operation. Important issue here is to remove entrance of tunnel, and to conserve anus function. This means that the purpose of this surgery is to make bowel motion back to ordinally condition.

At surgery, there are two methods, the one is Release Therapy which cut off both anal sphincter muscle for tightening anus hole and tunnel of hemorrhoid, and the other is hollow therapy which cut only tunnel off without cutting anal sphincter muscle. When anal sphincter muscle is cut off largely, anus is loosening so that it becomes unable to put up with the toilet. In case when tunnel of hemorrhoid is relatively close to anus and cut off area of anal sphincter muscle is small enough, release therapy is best, and for others hollow therapy is the common method. There is another method, named as Seton method, which gradually release tunnel with putting a band through tunnel of hemorrhoid and bind it. This may tale a time but damage to anal sphincter muscle is minor.