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Pediatric Diseases: Inguinal Hernia, Hydrocele Testicle/Nook Edema, Umbilical Hernia

The most common child surgical operation is an Inguinal Hernia.

Inguinal Hernia is a disease where organs in the body, like bowel, ovarium or oviduct in case woman, exposed out from the body so that the inguinal is become swollen. It is generally called as rapture. (Photo 1)

Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal Hernia is the most common child surgical operation disease, and its incidence rate is 1 to 5%. The cause of this disease is peritoneal membrane, vaginal process of the peritoneum, tumor remains at inguinal congenitally. There is a case where inguinal hernia appears at right or left of inguinal, there is a case where this hernia appears on both side. It is said that in case if one side of them is surgically operated, it appears on the other side with 5 to 6% provability.

The reason why surgical operation is necessary for inguinal hernia, exposed organs (like bowel, etc.) are tightened in narrow place, so that blood flow in the tissue is getting worse. This is called as incarceration. In case disease turns into this stage, child is getting in bad temper. When this happens, do not being fuss, and hugging baby not for making them cry, sooner it is naturally cured. If in case child do not stop crying for more than one hour, please consult with doctor.

The report says that 30% of inguinal hernia patient are naturally cured by one years old. Surgical operation timing is depending on facility. But once incarceration is developed, it might be repeated, so that prompt surgery operation is necessary. In regard to surgery, there is a facility where one day surgery is available so that it is considered as simple and easy, but especially for the surgery with under 1-year old baby, it is desirable to be operated at Pediatric specialized facility.

Hydrocele Testicle/Nook Edema which water is pooled in scrotum or inguinal.

Hydrocele Testicle and Nook Edema is a disease which is like the relative family of inguinal hernia, and water pools not in organ like bowel but in scrotum for male and in inguinal for female. It is called as Hydrocele Testicle for male and Nook Edema for female.

Diagnosis is made by whether flashlight is transmissive (translucency) or not, but echography is also useful. Generally speaking, it is said that there is a case where disease is cured by 2 years old age. In the past, there is a case where water is drained with inserting a needle, but in many case the disease recurred so that this method is no more taken recently. In case the size changes in a day, transportation to stomach is large so that it may be transferred to inguinal hernia. For that case, it is considered that operational surgery is necessary, but other than that, there is no problem even if not having surgery. It is simply the cosmetic problem. However, just recently there is a case where it becomes the object of bullying, it is therefore surgery is recommended. Surgery is almost the same as inguinal hernia. Some facility conducts the surgery in a day.

90% of “Acromphalus” Umbilical Hernia is naturally cured by 1 year old.

Umbilical hernia is so called Acromphalus. (Photo 2). In newborn period, because of the muscle beneath the belly does not close completely, when infant cries or pushes, Acromphalus is created with having power in stomach so that bowel comes out from gap. This hernia is seen at the rate of one out of 5 to 10 infants, and grows until 3 months after birth, but after that it is getting smaller then is cured naturally by one year old. Recently, some facility is performing umbilical pressure treatment method, using cotton ball to push in, so that it is cured earlier or cured neatly.

Unlike inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia will not be incarcerated in the childhood, but it will be incarcerated when matured as adult. Therefore, in case when it is not being naturally cured after one year old, there is a case where operational surgery is necessary, it is recommended to visit medical facility to consult with. And also, when belly still remains out of the body with excess skins even hernia itself is cured, it may become object of bullying in the future, so it is recommended to have consultation with doctor. Surgery itself is similar to inguinal hernia, and there is a facility conducting surgery in one day.

Umbilical Hernia