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Pediatric Diseases: Cord Hernia

When many organs exposed, surgery is conducted in several batches.

This is a disease where hole is created in the body by nature, so that organs in the body, such as stomach, bowel and/or liver, is come out from body in the cord (umbilical cord). (refer below photo) It is able to diagnose right after birth, but recently, in most of the case, it is diagnosed by echography during fetal period. So that the case is increasing that hospital having pediatric doctor is introduced in advance, then to have birth in that hospital.

Cord Hernia

Treatment for Cord Hernia is to surgically push exposed organs into the body and close the body. When the size of the hole is small, exposed organs are not so many, so that one surgical operation is enough to close the body. But when the size of the hole is greater than 5cm, many organs like liver etc., are exposed so that surgery is conducted in several batches to push organ back into the body at each time. This surgery is called as multistage surgery, and normally all organs back into the body within one to two weeks.

Pay attention for the complication with abnormal chromosome.

And recently, there is a facility which is conducting safely closing surgery after 6 to 7 months from birth when baby’s body is getting bigger, after making entire cord membrane hard as skin with using filling material used at bedsore.

There is a case which cardiac great artery abnormality is complicated with cord hernia, but it needs to pay attention for the case where baby with small size hole on its body may have the possibility of abnormal chromosome (13 trisomy or 18 trisomy). It is recommended to be admitted into the hospital having both neonatal and pediatric department.