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Breast Surgery Disease:Phyllodes Tumor

Some of phyllodes tumor are malignant.

Phyllodes tumor is relatively rare tumor developed in mammary gland, and there is a benignant one or malignant one (recurrence or metastasize to lung). Its peak age of onset is 40s, which is a little higher than fibroadenoma of breast. At the daily medical inspection, large tumor, over 3cm in size, is common, and there sometimes is a case which is close to small children’s head size.

Even if it is benignancy, caution needed when repeating recurrence.

When lump is still small, it shows similar image like fibroadenoma at ultrasonic or mammography examination. But when it gets large, it shows lobulated shape. In case phyllodes tumor is diagnosed by needle biopsy, tumor resection (surgery) is conducted. Pathologically, it is classified in benignancy, boarder and malignancy. As the characteristics of phyllodes tumor, local recurrence is recognized even in the benignant tumor. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention because there is a one which malignancy may advance by repeating local recurrence. With this reason, at the resection surgery, broader area resection is made having approximately 2cm allowance. Prognosis is basically good, but malignant tumor may metastasize to lung, and in this case, it becomes adverse prognosis as, unlike breast cancer, unable to expect anti-cancer drug effect.