Tokushukai Medical Group

Group Introduction

Group introduction

Group Outline

We challenge and put our life on the line to seek for the truthful medical care.

Tokushukai Medical Group philosophy is “All livin beings are created equal”. Under this philosophy, aiming to realize the society where at any time, in anywhere and to anybody are to receive cutting-edge medical care, we practice the corresponding medical care for the region from not only emergency medical care, an origin of medical care, but also preventive medical care, chronic medical care to advanced medical care, also we chalk up a record of faith and performance in each region.

Medical Care for Remote Islands/Secluded Area

Fitting out the equipment equivalent to urban area

Aggressively promoted Home Medical Care at remote islands and secluded area.
We Tokushukai Medical Group has been established several hospitals and Clinics in remote islands and secluded area. To make medical care circumstance at medically depopulated area better is an origin of Tokushukai Medical Group.
With positively fitting out the up-to-date medical equipment and facility in remote islands and secluded area, we keep our eye on providing best medical care equivalent to urban area hospitals.
Furthermore, with utilizing the scale merit as a group, doctor, working at urban area hospital, visits islands and secluded area hospital to support, or trainee doctors have got trained at remote islands or secluded area hospital, then to learn about the holistic medical care. Hospitals at remote islands/secluded area and urban area hospitals are in mutually compliment relation.

Emergency Medical Care

Contributing 3% of emergency medical care in Japan

Reception of emergency transport using Ambulance with doctor on board.
The numbers of emergency transport at all Tokushukai Medical Group Hospital count upto 3% of them in Japan. Tokushukai has implemented North American style ER (Emergency Room) from early on, so that there is a hospital which has been assigned as Emergency Medical Care Center, providing high-level medical care for serious symptom, by local government.
Emergency medical care is called as the origin of medical care. Tokushukai Medical Group has also set emergency medical care as its origin, thus put an effort to fulfillment. Tokushukai Medical Group is providing the optimal emergency medical care with having its own Ambulance with doctor on board vehicles, light airplane ‘Tokushu -gou”, hospital with heliport where ambulance with doctor onboard take-off and landing and trauma center which conducts tertiary medical care in seeking for the reduction of traumatic residual disability.

Approach for Nursing care and Welfare

Reassurance for person for whom high level medical care is necessary

Easy to understand rehabilitation program for patients’sake
Tokushukai Medical Group is putting nursing care/welfare facility, such as special nursing home, nursing care elderly person health facility, group home and residence for elderly person with care service, on line throughout Japan. As a feature of these facility, they are built at nearby location of group hospital or clinic and home nursing visit station. Tokushukai Medical Group has a framework in place in order for providing the quick reception of hospital visit for the person require high-level medical care, the person whose symptom change rapidly.
Tokushukai is positively putting effort to safe and comfortable and high quality nursing, nursing care and welfare.

International Medical Care Contribution

Establishing hospital and Dialysis Center in Developing countries.

Established Dialysis Center in the developing countries.
Starting from 2005, Tokushukai Medical Group donate medical care bed and artificial dialysis equipment and so on to Asia, South America and African countries, and also support for the establishment of Dialysis Center.

Non-Profitable Organization TMAT

Imminent action to the disaster area both domestic and abroad

Operation of TMAT
Non-Profitable Organization TMAT (Tokushukai Medical Assistance Team) is formed by, as core member, Tokushukai Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist and Administrative Staff, in 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake. It turns into NPO at 2005, and by now, TMAT is imminently sent to disaster area to act for disaster medical rescue work. They have sent to Niigata Earthquake and Great East Japan Earthquake in Japan, and for abroad, it is sent to Great Haiti Earthquake, Cyclone Disaster in Myanmar, Typhoon disaster in mid Philippine, Great Nepal Earthquake. In order to enhance the development of human resources, who is able to perform medical support work immediately and promptly at disaster place and also contribute their ability for disaster defense at hospital, we provides the lecture of disaster medical care and/or countermeasures for infectious disease, and conducting the periodical practical training for the usage of communication equipment and Triage (Severity Sorting) to internally and externally of Tokushukai Medical Group.