Tokushukai Medical Group

Group Introduction

Group introduction

Greetings from Chairperson of the Board


Hospitals commit to relieve your life Hospitals to secure your health and daily life

Execution of the philosophy
・24 hours, 7 days a week
・Guarantee for hospitalization, balance amount of dormitory fee, air-conditioning charge, etc – all free of charge
・Recessitous person will be waived for 30% burden charge of Health Insurance.
・Reimburse or extend of living fund.
・We refuse a gift from patients whatsoever.
・To improve Medical Techniques and/or diagnostic behavior is a never-ending story.

Greetings from Chairperson of the Board

General Incorporated Association Tokushukai Chairperson of the Board Takao Suzuki

Tokushukai Medical Group philosophy is “All livin beings are created equal”. Under this philosophy, we, all staff members, continuously strive for realizing “Anybody in the society is to receive the best cutting-edge medic-care in anywhere, at whenever necessary.” Especially, we apply energy to medical care for isolate or secluded area, emergency medical care, as an origin roots of Tokushukai Medical Group. Also, we move into high gear for Cancer Medical care, corresponding to the change of disease structure. Furthermore, to respond to inveterate disease for which no assured cure has found, we put effort in state-of-the-art medical care and clinical research. In fact, we are responding to the local patients’ medical needs, thus chronic medical care or protective medical care becomes our main pillar.

On the other hand, we build hospitals in Europe and South American countries, and for the developing countries in Asia and Africa, we donate dialysis machine and contributing for medical care support, such as building Dialysis Center or assisting the establishment of Nursing School. As for the disaster medical care, TMAT (Tokushukai Medical Assistance Team) will be dispatched immediately after to domestic and overseas disaster area where hazardous situation still remains, conducting prompt and definite medical care support for the afflicted people.

It must be quite rare for the private hospital group to conducts activities as above. However, under Tokushukai’s unshakable philosophy, “All livin beings are created equal.”, we boldly execute these activities. Tokushukai has established in 1973. But even at conceptional period before then, we had a motto, “We shall offer a helping hand to decrepit or aggravating people.” Tokushukai has born in the mission of “Social contribution”, thus we have been and will be practicing the medical care to the patients-at-hand, based on patient’s point of view. “24 hours, 7 days a week”, “We refuse a gift from patients whatsoever.”; These philosophy shows our way for Medical Care. Tokushukai will sustain a spirit as a challenger even from now on. Among group hospitals and facilities, we try to improve by learning from others, and help each other, aiming to present superior medical care, nursing care and public welfare to the local people.