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Cranial Nerve Surgery Disease:Chest lumbar vertebra fracture (Compressed fracture)

Break bone even with mild pratfall because of osteoporosis

Source of this disease is osteoporosis which is the strength of bone throughout the body weakened. Common in elderly woman so that bone breaks even with negligible wound like pratfall or fall. Unlike bone fracture on the limb, it is not snap off type but crush type. There is a case where bone breaks before one knows in daily life even if no wound has occurred.

When vertebral body fracture occurred on dorsal vertebra or lumber vertebra, strong pain is developed on the back shot or lower back. This pain is strong when changing posture like waking or getting off knees and reduced when being at rest. Most of the patients are cured in bone adhesion in few months, but body of vertebra is deformed a little bit, back is bent and height is shrunk. In case when body vertebra is extremely crushed, bone chip is extracted out then it compresses the nerve and it may cause the pain in lower extremity, numbness or loss of muscle strength, resulted for difficulty of walking.

Expect bone adhesion by wearing corset

Treatment for petrous fracture is to wear corset to make broken part in rest and to expect bone adhesion. When aching pain is strong enough, analgesic drug is used. With considering bone adhesion only, Scholar is better but longer period scholar may cause muscle atrophy so that it becomes difficult for walking. Early mobilization and walking training with the combination of rehabilitation are performed. In osteoporosis, not only broken part of bones but bones of entire body are weakened. Thus as for the prevention of bone break recurrence, treatment for osteoporosis itself is important. There are meals, physical exercise and drug dosage treatments are available and also there is a treatment where injection to enhance bones.

In case when no result comes up with corset, drug and rehabilitation so that aching pain is extended for longer time, surgical method is considered. In recently, there is surgery named as Percutaneous vertebral formation in balloon, where balloon is inserted into compressed broken petrosa to reform petrosa shape then infuse cement. In case of exercise paralysis in inferior limb or urination disorder exist, spinal fusion surgery using metal screw is necessary, but surgical method cannot be decided since elderly person are often having complexed complication disease.