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Clinical research

Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital Attached Research Institute

Cultivate the motivated immature researcher

Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital Attached Research Institute has established as #4 research facility in Tokushukai Medical Group in September 2016. It can conduct most of the fundamental research work like animal experiment, molecular biological experiment. Furthermore, it has large scale Clinical Specimen Storage space so that we will work out to support entire group’s clinical research for future.

Interview at Medical Research Institute

Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital Attached Research Institute Institute Head Kazuyuki Ito

Let me know a background of Research Institute establishment and characteristics of it.

The establishment of Research Institute where basic research can conduct is a long-awaited dream of the Hospital Director, Dr. Hidemitsu Nakagawa and his burning desire at a time when researching in collaboration at former post Osaka prefectural Adult Disease Center. Headquarter has authorized the establishment three years ago, and after half years design period, start work two years ago, and completed last year. It is six story independent building, and connected to hospital with corridor. 1F through 3F are the hospital spaces, where conducting medical check, chemical cure and rehabilitation. 4F is a Molecular Biological Research Department, 5F is a Pathologic Research Department and both are able to conduct an experiment up to P2 level. 6F is a animal experiment facility for mouse and rat and it can breed more than 1,000 heads.

Let me know of the struggled points from the establishment to present.

To get an authorization by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as research facility which can apply scientific research fund subsidy, exchange of documents had taken substantial time. It was a hectic work to get an authorization because we are research facility of private hospital, but General Affair Section members helped us a great deal. In human affairs, we publicly seek for doctors/researchers for the institute, resulted three new doctors will join us this spring. Including myself, it is quite a work to balance out doctor’s work at hospital and researcher’s research work at Institute.

What is a research theme which is currently working on at Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital Attached Research Institute?

I am working on the clarification of the mechanism of metastasis of cancer and the development of targeted curative drug last 20 years.

Please let me know the thing which Research Institute targets for.

In the spirit of “Bedside to bench, and Bench to bedside”, we develop newer molecular target treatment method, and target for its clinical application. Our institute is able to conduct the same level of basic research at university, and is having the environment cultivating motivated immature researcher. Through the cultivation of doctor who can perform medical research, we would like to contribute for Tokushukai Medical Group in human resource area. Researcher is now seriously wanted. Thank you for your continued help.

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