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Establishment of NPO TMAT

Establishment of NPO TMAT (Tokushukai Medical Aid Team)

The Tokushukai Group implemented large-scale disaster rescue activities during the Great Hanshin Earthquake in January 1995. In the wake of this opportunity, the group organized the TDMAT (Tokushukai Disaster Medical Aid Team). After this, the Team has been active in Japan and in countries abroad. When major earthquake disasters in Taiwan, Sakhalin, and offshore near Sumatra, which unleashed a devastating tsunami, the Tokushukai team was the first to send staff to a combined group effort to provide assistance.

At the time of the Sumatra offshore earthquake and tsunami at the end of 2004, Tokushukai dispatched staff to all affected countries. A total of 91 physicians, nurses, and technicians were assigned to survey and rescue activities. In August 2005, the non-profit organization (NPO) Tokushukai Medical Aid Team (TMAT) was established. We embrace a firm commitment to offer the weak and stranded a helping hand wherever they might be in the world.

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